Quality Snorkeling On Ashkelon, Israel Beach is Found

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Beach Suite Israel Provides High End Luxury Vacation Suites In Israel On (You Guessed It) The Beach. We Also Have Suites Extremely Close To Separate Beaches. Call 516-554-8771 (US) or 054-426-6569 (Israel) for reservations.

So here is the deal, I have tried snorkeling all across Israel’s mediterranean coast including Rishon Letziyon, Tel-Aviv, Netanya, Ashdod & Ashkelon and I must report to you that the winner by a landslide is none other than Ashkelon.
I have been snorkeling in Eilat for years and we all know that Eilat’s snorkel spots offer some of the most beautiful reefs and fish in the world. However, most of us live very far from Eilat and we would be required to get into our cars and drive 3-5 hours on average (depending where in Israel you live) to catch a decent snorkel. That’s exactly why I went on this sea exploration to find some decent snorkeling close to central Israel. With that said, this magical snorkeling spot on Ashkelon’s beach resides between the Northern Tip of the Marina Promenade and Bar Kochba Beach and is located by the Rocks across the street from Bat Galim Street 5. For those religious readers, it’s not located on a seperate beach, but it’s an overall very quiet beach which usually does not have many people frequenting. Enjoy!
Beach Suite Israel offers stunning beach vacation holiday suite rentals in Ashkelon, Israel next to or on the beach. Contact us now for more information.
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Suite #4 Barnea, Ashkelon
Suite #5 Ferriron Building, Ashkelon
Suite #6 Euro Sea & Sky Building, Ashkelon
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